Swiss Loan for Self-Employed

4 Jan

Your bank refused the loan? Loans in Switzerland for the self-employed – personal loans for the self-employed. A Swiss loan is an installment loan granted by banks in Switzerland.

Swiss lending for the self-employed is by no means possible.

Swiss lending for the self-employed is by no means possible.

To be independent means nothing other than to care for yourself and to strive for yourself. The self-employed have a more difficult time than employees because they generate their own income through their self-employment. On the other hand, many people dream of being self-employed, not having their own chief physician and taking responsibility for themselves – also in financial terms.

However, if you do not have the necessary own resources or the necessary economic support in the host family, it will not be easy for you as a self-employed person. The credit institutions are very reluctant to credit the self-employed because the risk of default is far too high for them. The credit institutions prefer to grant their loans to employees who can demonstrate that they have a regular salary from which the monthly installments can also be paid.

Does a foreign bank see it differently, is there a Swiss loan for the self-employed? We have examined this problem in the sense of the self-employed. Our article is about Swiss credit for the self-employed. The self-employed, whose loan applications to German banks were repeatedly rejected, placed high hopes in the Swiss loan for the self-employed, which should be available through credit institutions.

Is swiss loan for self-employed difficult?

Is swiss loan for self-employed difficult?

At least credit brokers point out that arranging a Swiss loan for the self-employed is not an obstacle. The Swiss cantonal banks have no credit for the self-employed in the portfolio. There is no special Swiss loan for the self-employed. The Swiss credit without Credit Bureau, which is often offered online, is an offer that is only intended for employees.

The Swiss cantonal banks do not provide the Credit Bureau information in the course of the credit check, but measure the fact that the borrowers have a permanent position with a decent salary. In no case can the self-employed. In Switzerland, Swiss credit institutions that do not have access to German creditors’ Credit Bureau information only grant their loans to people who have demonstrated regular employment income in the course of permanent employment.

The self-employed and self-employed, unemployed and Hartz IV recipients, pensioners and housewives as well as interns and working students are not the target groups. This does not always apply to applications for Swiss loans without Credit Bureau. This is also the intention, because communication takes place through credit brokers who not only brokered loans, but also sold insurance and mortgage contracts.

These attract potential customers, to whom they sell everything they can, but who never get a Swiss loan. There is also no Swiss loan that the self-employed can receive. The self-employed have two options for how they can get loans without bending. It is like a loan, but without a credit check, because you only borrow your own capital.

For the self-employed, this option is the first address if you have life insurance. Those who do not have this option should borrow from relatives or acquaintances or take out a loan on one of the two portfolios in which the lenders are private investors. In this case, the Credit Bureau information is usually also obtained, so that this version is only suitable for self-employed persons whose Credit Bureau information is correct.

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