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24 Jan

Credit is a broad term that has many different meanings in the financial world. It is generally defined as a contractual arrangement in which a borrower now receives something of value and agrees to repay the lender at a later date, usually with interest.

It depends on the creditworthiness or credit history of a person or a company, which is usually read out by banks via credit record.


Understand credit

Understand credit

In the most common definition of the term, the term credit refers to an agreement to purchase a product or service with the express promise to pay for it later. This is known as buying on credit.

The most common form of credit purchase is credit card purchase. People tend to shop with credit cards because they may not have enough cash on hand to make the purchase. Accepting credit cards can help increase sales in retail or between companies.

The amount of money that a consumer or company has to take out a loan – or its creditworthiness – is also known as credit. For example, someone can say, “He has a large loan so he doesn’t have to worry about the bank rejecting his mortgage application.

In other cases, the loan refers to a deduction equal to the amount owed. For example, imagine someone owes their bank $ 1,000, but returns a $ 300 purchase to the store. So he receives a credit on his account and then owes only 700 dollars. A credit can therefore also mean the difference owed.

After all, the loan is an entry that represents in the bookkeeping the increase in assets or the decrease in liabilities. So, a loan increases the net profit in the company’s income statement, while a charge decreases the net profit.

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Types of loans

Types of loans

There are a variety of different forms of credit. The most popular and well-known form is the bank or financial loan.

These include auto loans, mortgages, credit card loans. When the bank lends money to a consumer, it essentially credits it to the borrower, who has to pay it back later.

For example, if someone makes a purchase using their Visa card, the card is considered a form of credit because they purchase goods with the consent that they will later repay them to the bank.

Financial resources are not the only form of credit that can be offered. Goods and services can also be exchanged for a deferred payment.

When suppliers offer products or services to a person but do not ask for payment until later, it is a form of credit. So, when a restaurant receives a truckload of groceries from a seller who doesn’t ask for payment until a month later, the seller offers the restaurant some form of credit.

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