Technical data

A black box on its way to Beijing for analysis

Zhu Tao, director of the Aviation Safety Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, speaks during a press conference at a hotel in Wuzhou on March 23, 2022.

Christmas Celis | AFP | Getty Images

BEIJING — Search and rescue teams found a black box and human remains at the China Eastern Airlines crash site, state media reported, citing Chinese officials late Wednesday.

An aircraft’s black boxes are two sets of technical equipment – one that captures flight data and the other that records cockpit communications with air traffic controllers. Analysis of this data could reveal the reasons for the accident.

The black box found on Wednesday is likely the cockpit voice recorder, while the search continues for the other, said Zhu Tao, director of the Aviation Safety Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China. , during a press conference on Wednesday evening.

The box was shipped overnight to a professional civil aviation agency in Beijing for data analysis, Zhu said, noting the process would take time. The box storage unit appears relatively complete, although the exterior has been heavily damaged.

A Boeing 737-800 carrying 132 people plunged into a rural and mountainous part of the southern region of Guangxi on Monday afternoon. Authorities have not confirmed any deaths or explained why the crash occurred.

Honeywell made the two black boxes on the Boeing plane that crashed, the China Civil Aviation Authority’s press account said, citing Wednesday’s press conference.

Rescue teams have sent the human remains found at the crash site to investigators, state media added, citing the same news event.

The last serious passenger flight accident in China occurred in 2010.

Since this week’s accident involved an American-made Boeing aircraft, American agencies and companies will also be involved in the investigation.

As Chinese authorities conduct the investigation, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said it has appointed a lead aviation safety investigator and that representatives from the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing and CFM will serve as technical advisers. CFM is a joint venture between the American General Electric and the French Safran which manufactured the engines of the plane which crashed, indicated the safety committee.