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Abortion resources for Texans and beyond: From counseling to birth control to legal services, here are your options – News

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At the time of publication, abortion is still legal in Texas before the first detection of fetal heart activity, which typically occurs around six weeks. However, if the Supreme Court’s draft opinion on Roe v. Wade mirrors the court’s final ruling that performing an abortion (but not receiving one) will become a felony 30 days after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, due to a “trigger law” the legislature enacted last year.

Current Texas law requires physicians to examine patients in person before providing abortion medication and prohibits the delivery of such medication by mail. Patients who use telemedicine to abort are not criminally liable, although some states have prosecuted such patients under different laws.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved abortion drugs up to 10 weeks gestation.

Disclaimer: The following does not constitute an endorsement of the organizations, companies, and services listed, but is intended to inform readers of resources that Texas abortion seekers have taken advantage of.

Abortion services

Access to aid Virtual care and prescriptions.

Austin Women’s Health Center Medical care focused on abortion follow-up. 512/443-2888.

Planned parenthood Abortion clinic and reproductive healthcare provider.

Overall Women’s Health Abortion clinic and virtual abortion care provider.

Financial assistance for abortion costs

Brigitte Alliance Provides funds for trips to New Mexico and Colorado.

Texas Choice Funds Provides funding for abortion-related expenses, including travel and accommodation.

Mariposa Fund Provides support to undocumented people seeking abortion care in New Mexico.

Lilith Fund Provides direct funding for abortions.

SYS (Support your Sistah) Provides money, childcare assistance, food, transportation, and abortion doulas. Direct line: 469/978-7710.

Texas Equal Access Fund Provides direct funding for abortions.

Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP) Provides financial assistance to underprivileged women.

Online pharmacies overseas selling abortion pills

Source: Plan C

Safe Abortion Pills

Abortion Rx

Generic abortion pills

Buy MTP Kits

Abortion Privacy

Abortion Pills Online


Planned parenthood The North Austin location provides medical care. 512/331-1288.

The Bridge Collective Provides convenient transportation and support; offers emergency contraception and free pregnancy

General informations

National Network of Abortion Funds Connects people to local abortion funds.

Need for abortion Provides information about accessing abortion care in Texas.

Diet C Provides information on ordering abortion pills by mail.

Legal advice

If/When/How Provides free legal advice and a helpline to anyone wishing to have an abortion.,

Jane’s Due Process Provides free legal aid to pregnant minors. 24/7 hotline: 866/999-5263 (English and Spanish; also accepts SMS).

Telephone advice and assistance

All Options Support for unwanted pregnancies and advice on options. 888/493-0092.

Exhale Pro-Voice Post-abortion support hotline. Text hotline: 617/749-2948.

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