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AlphaTauri will become the second F1 2022 car to run on track

AlphaTauri will become the second team to run a 2022 Formula 1 car on track with a shakedown scheduled for Tuesday.

Red Bull’s sister team launched their AT03 via a digital reveal and series of renders on Monday, but while other teams choose this option because their real car isn’t finished, the AlphaTauri is in working order. preperation.

AlphaTauri will follow Aston Martin’s shakedown on the AMR22 last Friday by rolling the AT03 on track on Tuesday.

Although the team has not revealed whether it will be at Imola like last year or at Misano, which it has also used in the past, it has released modifications of the digital car at Imola as part of its launch content.

F1 cars can only be driven intensively outside of Grand Prix weekends during official testing, which will take place in Spain (February 23-25) and Bahrain (March 10-12).

However, the teams are also entitled to two promotional events where the race is limited to 100 km, on special Pirellis.

These are often used in pre-season to shake out new cars before testing and double as turn-in days for teams to get promotional material.

“From a technical point of view, this is the first time the car has been on the track, so it is important to check the systems, to look at the various basic systems and software of the car, to check that it works, check for bugs,” said AlphaTauri CTO Jody Egginton. .

“Just the basics to know that everything does what it’s supposed to do.

“This is a baseline data collection and it’s all very useful before the main test where we start to focus on more complex topics and longer runtime and performance.”

The massive change in technical regulations makes a pre-test shakedown more valuable than ever in 2022.

Aston Martin’s early shakedown has given it a full 12 days before the start of the first test and AlphaTauri is unlikely to be the last to hit the track before Barcelona.

Mercedes will launch its 2022 car on Friday and shake it off at Silverstone the same day.

Ferrari and McLaren are also expected to run their cars on the track before Barcelona.

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