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Bloodborne PC porting/remastering can be done at any time without software assistance; Japan Studio had a working PC version

A Bloodborne PC port and PlayStation 5 remaster have yet to happen, and those aren’t technical reasons stopping Sony from releasing them.

speaking on Twitterr, Lance McDonald, who developed the unofficial 60 FPS patch for the game, said there were no technical barriers between Bloodborne and a PC port, the PlayStation 5 remaster, and Sony could do it at any time without From Software support, as was rumored. the last days.

Expanding further, Lance McDonald revealed that the Bloodborne 60 FPS patch is just two lines of code and that Japan Studio had a working PC version of the game when they were shut down, so it’s extremely likely that Sony still has this version.

A Bloodborne PC port has been rumored to be in the works for some time, alongside a PlayStation 5 remaster and sequel. If Sony doesn’t need From Software support for a port and remaster, they could both be revealed and released at any time, even if the Japanese studio is busy with Elden Ring. As the two companies haven’t spoken officially about the game in a while, we shouldn’t hold our breath for an imminent announcement.

Bloodborne is now available on PlayStation 4 worldwide.

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