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DANA Team and Barclays Extend Diversity in Nonprofits

DANA, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement, is expanding its services to help local nonprofits build more diverse and inclusive boards and leadership teams while improving their organizational culture around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, thanks to the support of Barclays US Consumer Bank.

New funding from Barclays will help establish the nonprofit DANA Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and will help raise awareness and increase diversity within local organizations while changing their organizational culture to eliminate the causes of systemic inequalities. Program initiatives will include enhanced DCI training and counseling for local nonprofits, support research into the current state of diversity and inclusion practices of nonprofit boards of directors in the Delaware, and will provide more opportunities for diverse people to access board services.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion are not just keywords, but a societal issue that nonprofits can play a critical role in solving,” said Sheila Bravo, President and CEO general of DANA. “I believe we can help shape meaningful action within our community by providing training, coaching and counseling around these issues. We are grateful to Barclays for their partnership and support to help resolve these issues. “

For local organizations that often work within communities of color, DANA will now be able to provide technical assistance to smaller nonprofits that may lack grant writing skills and expertise, offering them the ability to compete with the largest organizations for foundation funding. Plans for IEI and trauma workshops and forums are underway, and a new website featuring IEI’s opportunities, efforts, progress information and resources is in the works.

Partnerships are a key part of DANA’s DEI offerings. DANA will match non-profit organizations with organizations that offer training in a particular field and will engage expert speakers and consultants with expertise in DEI training, coaching support and research on the subject.

“It has never been more essential for businesses and nonprofits to incorporate DCI practices that reflect the communities they serve,” said Jennifer Cho, Citizenship / Community Relations Manager for Barclays US Consumer Bank. “DANA’s work creates opportunities for innovation and improvement for nonprofit programs across the state, and Barclays is proud to support DANA in these efforts.

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