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Government must help local tech companies build social media sites


IT expert, Jacob Kwaku Gyan

Ghanaian IT expert Jacob Kwaku Gyan urged the government of Ghana to focus on helping Ghanaians-owned technology companies to advance technology.

Gyan, who is also the CEO of Adroit 360, a tech company in Accra, said that with the advancement of technology across the world, Ghana should plan to help local tech giants create social media sites that Ghanaians and others in the sub-Sahara may depend on for business and entertainment purposes.

He made this known as he discussed the impact of social media on the lives of Ghanaians on Uncle Sansan on XYZ TV Friday morning.

He told host Kwame Minkah that “we now have a digitization ministry in the country; The Ministry of Communication is dealing with digitization, so it should pay special attention to assisting the advancement of technology in Ghana and supporting Ghanaian technology companies that have developed applications locally.

He said tech companies will need government support before their apps can be used, stressing that “Asia does not have WhatsApp but Wechat which is supported by governments on the continent.”

“I have created apps for some companies that are used for internal communications,” he said when asked if some Ghanaians have the ability to create powerful communications apps that can be extended to anyone. Ghanaians.

He recalled that his colleague from the University of Ghana had created an app similar to Facebook, saying the country would be able to compete with the Western world when these app makers received the necessary support from the government.

The contractor’s comment follows an outage of social media sites Facebook and WhatsApp that lasted for more than 5 hours. Services were down from around 4:00 p.m. GMT until around 10:00 p.m. Monday.

Facebook blamed an internal technical glitch that didn’t just affect Facebook’s services, but WhatsApp.

Just as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lost nearly $ 7 billion as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down for several hours, some Ghanaians who rely on business services also lamented the outage, triggering a conversation for Africa to have its own social media platforms. .

Jacob Gyan believes the calls are not overdone because they can help stimulate the economy.


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