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Hochul Seeks to Establish Identity in State State Address | Buffalo Politics News


Suozzi also criticized Hochul’s approach to dealing with Covid-19 issues, accusing him of not having adequately planned the anticipated virus spreads during the holidays.

“She delayed and mismanaged the response to Covid,” he said. “There is no comprehensive plan.”

And he continues to hammer her on other fronts.

“When Hochul came to power she promised a new era of transparency, but that was a lie,” he tweeted Tuesday, citing a recent Daily News article. “She has raised $ 100,000 a day, every day, since taking office, and the money has been raised by lobbyists. We deserve better.”

Suozzi focuses her pikes on the seated governor because, at the moment, she occupies a position of strength. Almost every poll shows that she enjoys a high number of endorsements as she successfully raises funds for her campaign and enjoys the advantage of her position. Democratic state president Jay S. Jacobs has announced his support for her, as have many upstate committees and unions.

All of this has also fueled an aggressive Republican attack on the new governor, providing insight into how the party expects to face him this fall. State President Nicholas A. Langworthy has consistently accused Hochul of being ‘on top’ when managing the state’s response to Covid-19.