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How to avoid losing your customers asking for help, using the Daktela Omnichannel service

A healthy relationship between a company and its customers is always based on open communication, trust and mutual support. The market is often oversaturated with offers and customers have several options to choose from in terms of products and services. In the long run, it’s not the lowest price that maintains their loyalty, but the trust and reliability they get, and the quality of the entire acquiring experience. Impeccable customer service included.

Transparent communication, without any obstacles, is extremely important for any company, regardless of its size and field of activity. Most connectivity these days is done remotely, online, so customer inquiries are sent through different channels, from classic phone call, email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, to WhatsApp, to social media and online chat.

In order to centralize all communication and not overlook any message, most companies use a Call Center Omnichannel service. For example, the Daktela software makes it possible to process several communication channels in a single system. In this way, phone calls, emails, SMS, web chat and social networks are merged into a single application, neutralizing the risk of losing communication with customers and managing reports and statistics regarding the history of messages received.

”Daktela is a Call & Contact Center in a cloud solution, which integrates 200 communication functions and allows interaction with customers by phone, e-mail, webchat, SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. In this way, the company does not miss any calls received from its customers and can provide support 24/7, having access to the complete conversation history, on any channel. Some of the most important functions of Daktela are: call recording, call queues, unlimited IVR tree options, contact card with communication history, ticketing system module, lost calls, operator priorities and skills, statistics and reports, predictive calls. In addition, the outbound campaign options allow you to contact customers directly, to have the transcription of each dialogue and, at the end, to measure the overall impact”, explains Raluca Panait, Marketing Manager Daktela România.

About Daktela

Daktela, international provider of Call Center Omnichannel software solutions, was founded in 2005 in Prague. The company offers cloud-based PBX solutions, Customer Care Omnichannel modules that enable contacting B2B customers via phone calls, email, SMS, webchat and social media, on a single platform.

More than 1000 international companies are using Daktela software so far. Daktela now manages one of the largest VoIP cloud infrastructures in Europe, with 4 data centers, more than 11 million monthly minutes and more than 21,000 licenses sold worldwide each month.

14 day free trial – Call center and contact center demo software

Daktela allows companies to test its all-in-one call center and contact center services for free for 14 days. The demo version has the same functionality as an active licensed account. Daktela experts can also provide a free 30-minute online presentation, which can be named here.