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Huge Hack of Alternative Web Service Provider Epik Could Be ‘A Rosetta Stone on the Far Right’


Epik, the Seattle-area internet company that provides web services to Proud Boys, QAnon groups, and other organizations banned from major internet platforms, suffered a massive breach, and hacking collective Anonymous dumped 150 gigabytes of personal information about customers on the internet last week, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The data disclosed includes usernames, passwords, purchase records, personal addresses, and other information that could be used to identify customers who relied on Epik to protect their identity.

“Extremism researchers and political opponents have treated the leak like a Rosetta Stone on the far right, helping them decode who did what with whom for several years,” he added. To post reports. “The first revelations have been spreading steadily on Twitter since news of the hack broke last week,” but research indicates it will likely take them months or years to sift through the data. One of the goals is to expose extremists who hold government jobs.

“It’s huge. This is possibly the biggest domain style leak I’ve seen and, as an extremism researcher, it’s definitely the most interesting,” Megan Squire said, professor of computer science at Elon University who studies right-wing extremism. To post. “It is the embarrassment of riches – insist on the embarrassment.”

Records show that Epik’s clients have included 8chan, Gab, Parler, the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer, and the Texas Right to Life site set up to allow people to report abortion-related activity under a new premium-imposed abortion ban. The company has since discontinued 8chan, the Daily Stormer, and the Texas whistleblower site, To post reports.

“The company has played such an important role in keeping the right-wing terrorist sumps alive,” Rita Katz, executive director of SITE Intelligence Group, told the Post. “Without Epik, many extremist communities – from QAnon and white nationalists to accelerationist neo-Nazis – would have had much less oxygen to spread evil, whether in view of the January 6 Capitol riots or by spreading disinformation. and conspiracy theories that eat into democracy. ” Read more on The Washington Post.


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