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Iran to export technical and engineering services to Nigeria

A memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the fields of energy, including the export of technical and engineering services to the African country, the powering of gasoline cars using the capacities of Iranian companies, using the Nigerian side’s capabilities in LNG (liquefied natural gas) production technology and the development of Nigeria’s oil and gas fields have been signed by Iranian companies, Owji said referring to his meeting with the minister of oil and gas. oil-resourced state of Nigeria, Timipre Sylva.

Considering Nigeria’s strong capabilities in the field of crude oil export and LNG production plants and energy carrier export, one can hope for long-term cooperation between the two countries in this field.

Meanwhile, Sylva said a favorable memorandum has been signed in the area of ​​LNG, transfer of technology and engineering services from Iran to Nigeria, development of oil and gas fields and CNG and automotive gas combustion industry between the two countries to witness the development of cooperation between the two countries. countries.

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