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Keith Hayes, CEO of IMMCO, Inc., Hall of Fame Inductee of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers


HOUSTON, 25 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Orbital Energy Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: OEG) (“Orbital”), today announced through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Gibson Technical Services (“GTS”), that Keith Hayes, the CEO of IMMCO, Inc. (“IMMCO”), the engineering group of GTS, was inducted into the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (“SCTE”) Hall of Fame at the awards ceremony. group price on October 13.

SCTE is a non-profit trade association for the advancement of technology, standards and workforce training related to cable telecommunications engineering. Founded in 1969 as the Society of Cable Television Engineers, SCTE and its global arm, the International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE), currently have over 19,000 members.

Mr. Hayes has nearly four decades of engineering and operations leadership experience, including senior positions at Charter and Adelphia. Most recently, Mr. Hayes was Director of the Broadband Advisors Group. He was the founding president and member of the board of directors of the SCTE Foundation for several terms.

The SCTE Hall of Fame is comprised of SCTE members who over time have made extraordinary contributions to the professional development, ideals and goals of the Company and the cable industry.

As stated by Bob foote, Deputy Vice President of KGPCo, industry leader, this award recognizes Keith Hayes as “a model member of SCTE and a mentor to many”.

“Keith’s induction into the SCTE Hall of Fame is a testament to the key role he has played as a leader and advocate in the engineering and telecommunications development industry,” said Mike McCracken, Managing Director of GTS. “His work to transform IMMCO into a global leader in engineering services has helped change the landscape of the telecommunications industry. With this recognition, we celebrate both Keith’s personal contributions, as well as the contributions of GTS and IMMCO, to our industry.

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Orbital Energy Group, Inc. [Nasdaq: OEG] creates a diversified platform of energy services through the acquisition and development of innovative companies. Orbital Energy’s business group includes Orbital Power Services, Orbital Solar Services, Orbital Telecom Services and Orbital Gas Systems.

Orbital Power Services provides engineering, construction, maintenance and emergency response solutions to the electricity, utility and intermediary markets.

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As a publicly traded company, Orbital Energy is dedicated to maximizing shareholder value. Most importantly, our commitment to conducting our business with a high level of integrity, respect and philanthropic dedication enables the organization to make a difference in the lives of its customers, employees, investors and the global community.

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