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Letters July 21, 2020 | Letters to the Editor


The hypocrisy and disinformation of Representative Cawthorn

For the publisher:

Representative Madison Cawthorn’s latest newsletter is a case study on hypocrisy and misinformation. While touting the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, his recent actions have been to overturn the results of a free election. His comments on the so-called critical race theory are absurd.

The reality is that Cawthorn spoke to the insurgents who stormed the Capitol in an attempt to overthrow a fair and free election. He continues to promote Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election results were fraudulent. Along with other Republican extremists, Cawthorn actively seeks to destroy the very foundations of our country through the franchise and majority rule.

The other reality is that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a course taught in law schools about how race influenced the passage and implementation of laws. It has nothing to do with what is taught from grades 1 to 12 in public schools. Whether students learn the realities of slavery or the varnished version of welfare that many of us have learned has nothing to do with CRT.

The CRT has simply become the latest “dog whistle” to distract us from Republicans’ attempts to subvert democracy. CRT is not a rejection of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream that people are judged on their character rather than the color of their skin. Instead, he examines how race influenced the law.

Finally, Cawthorn and the Republicans began to “support the blue” in words only in response to the protests that followed the murder of unarmed African Americans. It was certainly not “supporting the blue” when the Trumplican seditionists stormed the Capitol, injuring more than 150 law enforcement officers who were protecting Congress. It was more like “the blood of the blue,” which is why the Republican leaders don’t want an investigation.

Democrats believe in the right of every eligible voter to vote in fair elections where legislatures lack the capacity to overturn the will of the people. Democrats also believe in fair and equal treatment for all under the law. Cawthorn’s actions and the actions of a number of Republicans do not conform to these principles.

Myrna campbell


Good news for selling books

For the publisher:

I was delighted to hear that the Friends of the Library book sale will be back in August of this year. For many bibliophiles, the book sale was a much anticipated event where books could be purchased for enjoyable reading and research next year. Many people would plan the holiday periods to coincide with the sale.

I hope the Friends of the Library book sale can resume its annual event. For this event, we not only provided books to county readers, but also recycled good books into the hands of new readers and provided thousands of dollars to support the library’s efforts and programs. The sale was a major fundraiser for the Friends of the Library, which in turn benefited all library patrons in Haywood County.

Karen hammett


A frustrating situation

For the publisher:

I received my second COVID vaccine the first week of March. As I walked through the Haywood Fairgrounds, I was very optimistic that the world was getting healthier again and that the pandemic would soon be behind us. My husband and I are planning to travel. Junaluska Lake has removed the “one-way” signs to circle the lake.

Then disinformation, lies and stupidity hit Haywood County and the United States. It is a shame that adults refuse a vaccine, putting small children at risk for a dangerous disease. There is no constitutional right to endanger public health by refusing a vaccine such as polio, smallpox or measles or Covid-19.

As a retired teacher, I am deeply ashamed that a teacher puts his students at risk by refusing a vaccine. When I started teaching in eastern North Carolina, all teachers had to be tested for tuberculosis. If the test was positive, this teacher did not start school. No one was allowed to risk the health of the students. What has changed in the United States?

Beth G. Johnson

Maggie Valley

Help is available for dementia

For the publisher:

Haywood Dementia Response Efforts (aka HayDRE) provides financial assistance to individuals and families in Haywood County who are making the journey in life and facing the challenges of dementia. Many individuals and families face the financial demands caused by the loss of cognitive functions resulting from the progressive nature of dementia.

HayDRE was created to help alleviate some of the financial pressures. Financial aid via HayDRE is not a loan (with repayment expectations); rather, grants are awarded on an individual basis and according to the individual needs of those seeking help.

For more information, visit the website at, email [email protected] or call 828-476-7985.

Larry Reeves, HayDRE



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