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MassDOT announces nearly $ 3 million in Industrial Rail Access Program (IRAP) grants


BOSTON, Mass. (MassDOT) – The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) announced seven grants totaling nearly $ 3 million in Industrial Rail Access Program (IRAP) awards to improve rail and freight access, economic opportunities and job growth.

IRAP is a publicly funded, competitive public / private partnership program that provides financial assistance to eligible applicants to invest in industry-based rail infrastructure access improvement projects. Applicants must match public funds with private funds, with private funds accounting for at least 40% of the total cost of a project. Several of the winners will exceed the minimum required.

“These awards successfully mobilize public and private funds to provide businesses with better access to rail and freight infrastructure and to establish new connections with customers,” Governor Charlie Baker said. “We are delighted to partner with these companies and continue to strengthen our transportation system through the development of reliable rail infrastructure projects. “

“As we work with employers to support these freight and railroad projects, we are improving the transportation system and strengthening local development and job growth,” said Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito. “These partnerships will help expand and increase the efficiency of operations, delivering lasting benefits to the entire Commonwealth. “

“The IRAP program has been extremely helpful in meeting rail and freight needs while creating jobs and improving economic growth,” Transportation Secretary and CEO Jamey Tesler said. “It is important to note that investing in rail and freight infrastructure reduces truck traffic on our roads, thereby reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

The PARI program has received applications from companies funded by rail freight transport across the Commonwealth of Nations. Projects were approved based on program requirements and the level of public benefits they offered, such as system preservation, mobility, economic development, and security.

The recipients for fiscal year 2022 are:

  • James Hardie Construction Products ($ 500,000)-The grant will help James Hardie install a siding in the product warehouse of a new building in Westfield. James Hardie Building Products is providing 84% of the cost of the project.
  • Excel Recycling LLC ($ 479,700)-The grant will support the installation of a new siding at a metal recycling facility to be served by Mass Coastal Railroad. Excel Recycling LLC provides 40% of the cost of the project.
  • Oldcastle Lawn & Garden Inc. ($ 114,432)) -The grant will finance the unloading equipment of the wagons at a manufacturer of concrete materials by the Housatonic Railway. Oldcastle Lawn & Garden Inc. is providing 40% of the cost of the project.
  • Pioneer Valley Railway ($ 384,022)-The grant will help increase the capacity of Easthampton Yard track to serve current and future customers. Pioneer Valley Railroad is providing 40% of the cost of the project.
  • Grafton and Upton Railway Company ($ 500,000)-The grant will be used to help the track expansion of the Upton transshipment facility. Grafton and Upton Railroad Company is providing 40% of the cost of the project.
  • WT L and LLC ($ 500,000)-The grant will be used to increase the capacity of an existing asphalt facility served by Pan Am. WT Land LLC is providing 69% of the cost of the project.
  • Dana Transport Inc./Equipment Care Center of Oxford LLC ($ 500,000)-The grant will support the expansion of a plastic resin distribution facility served by Providence and Worcester Railroad. Dana Transport Inc. is providing 50% of the cost of the project.

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