Technical data

Multilateral benefit-sharing of digital sequence information will support both science and biodiversity conservation

  • Conceptualization: AHS, JF, CHCL, RS, MLC, IC, SS, YA, KB, HB, HIB, SY, MWB, HC, GC, JAC, AD, FGC, MH, RHO, DWM, GO, COB, FB, OS, GS, YS, AS, JdS, MdS, MS, KT, KAT, MMZ and JO Visualization: JO, IC, SS, RS, CHCL, GC and AHS Funding acquisition: AHS, JF and JO Writing — original draft: AHS, RS, MLC, CHCL, IC and SS Writing—editing and editing: AHS, JF, CHCL, RS, MLC, IB, SS, ALH, DN, MdS, SB, MMZ, OS, KT, KAT, RHO, JdS , CKT, RV, JO, DH and IKM