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Opportunities for trade in innovative digital services seen at CIFTIS 2022

BEIJING, September 12, 2022 /CNW/ — A large number of high-tech enterprises showcased their digital technologies and products at the just-concluded 2022 China International Trade in Services Fair (CIFTIS), heralding opportunities for innovative trade development digital services.

The CIFTIS Metaverse Experience Hall attracted many visitors as it had created a deep immersive travel experience for the audience with XR virtual shooting technology, glasses-free 3D technology and holographic interactive space, among others. .

Many exhibitors in the metaverse experience hall believe that CIFTIS has built a bridge for the metaverse to enter the consumer-level service trade market.

In the telecommunications, computer and information services exhibition area of ​​the Shougang Park venue of CIFTIS 2022, robots of various shapes can be seen at the booths of almost all exhibitors, working as publicity ambassadors for exhibitors by displaying their different skills.

Several practical products including artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, 5G, blockchain and other advanced technologies were also showcased at the event.

According Feng Mingphysician from Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), PUMCH introduced the intelligent wearable neuronavigation robot jointly developed with Tencent AI Lab and Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation at this year’s CIFTIS.

This robot’s navigation platform incorporates the surgical technology and experience of PUMCH’s neurosurgery team, and combined with preoperative imaging, it can help doctors locate intraoperative lesions and perform surgery to puncture with the robotic arm, further reducing the difficulty and improving the precision of the operation.

The digital yuan also shone at the event, and many banking, insurance and fintech companies showcased their e-CNY products in the financial services exhibition area.

The Bank of China launched the RMB digital hard wallet, and according to the introduction of a staff at the bank booth, the hard wallet can help the elderly, children and other groups who are not good at mobile phone payment to pay for consumption without carrying cash.

Exhibitors said that CIFTIS has helped bridge the distance between financial institutions, people and digital RMB, and through the exhibition’s interactive activities, the public can more intuitively experience the security, convenience and efficiency of the R digitalMB, which is useful for the application of “digital RMB plus”.

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