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Optomed USA announces marketing partnership with Community Health Ventures


Optomized portable fundus cameras are designed to provide effective eye screening for everyone.

Our portable fundus cameras are designed to provide effective eye screening for everyone.

– said JC Firer, President and CEO of Optomed USA

ALEXANDRIA, VA, United States, November 9, 2021 / – Medical technology company opted, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable fundus cameras, recently signed a marketing and sales agreement with Community health enterprises (CHV), the business development branch of the National Association of Community health centers (NACHC), as one of their favorite medical device manufacturers. Now, community health centers across the country can benefit from Optomed’s integrated diabetic retinopathy screening devices, software and artificial intelligence solutions at reduced rates through CHV’s health center programs.

Since 2000, Community Health Ventures (CHV) has been working to link health centers with
best-in-class suppliers. Optomed combines pocket-sized background cameras with software and artificial intelligence with the goal of transforming the diagnostic process for rapidly increasing blinding eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. Optomed focuses on background cameras and software solutions in more than 60 countries with different sales channels. The company has an extensive portfolio of +50 international patents protecting the technology. CHV’s position in the healthcare center market is unique and perfectly aligned to help expand Optomed’s presence in the healthcare center market.

With timely and consistent screening programs, healthy vision can be maintained and most vision loss events can be prevented. “Our portable fundus cameras are designed to provide effective eye screening for everyone. Said JC Firer, President and CEO of Optomed USA. “We are passionate about designing and producing high-tech, compact and affordable imaging solutions to accelerate large-scale diabetic screening programs in community health centers. “

“Although we are first and foremost the people of the health centers, we know that the health centers rely on the expertise of partners to help them achieve their goal of providing high quality care to patients and communities. that they serve, ”said Danny Hawkins, senior vice president at CHV. “Our record of identifying potential partners / organizations involved in promoting the health center’s mission speaks for itself. We have a deep understanding and unique perspective of the operational challenges facing healthcare centers. It is at the heart of this partnership with Optomed.

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The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) was founded in 1971 to promote effective, high-quality, comprehensive, accessible, culturally and linguistically competent, community-led, and patient-centered health care for all.


About CHV
Founded in 2000, CHV was established under the leadership of Healthcare Center Leadership and tasked with creating healthcare center specific solutions that support the daily operations of healthcare centers and respond to the changing healthcare landscape. CHV works closely with partners to identify key trends, market opportunities and to leverage data and analytics to make informed business decisions.

CHV has a proven track record in the CHC market and supports our partners in the following key areas:

• Research and analysis
• Marketing strategy and implementation
• Sales strategy and implementations
• Training and technical assistance
• Program development and market positioning
• Business advice and subject matter expertise
• Lead generation
• Relationship management
• Business development
• Tailor-made partner solutions


About Optomed
Optomed is a Finnish medical technology company and a leading provider of pocket cameras and screening software. Optomed’s turnover reached 13 million euros and at the end of the year Optomed employed 109 professionals.

Optimal cameras have medical approvals in all key markets including CE (Europe) and FDA (United States) and CFDA (China). Optomed was founded in 2004 in Oulu, Finland.


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