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Required COVID test data missing for New York’s elite private schools


COVID-19 testing data from several elite New York City private schools was not immediately disclosed as required.

There was no information Friday from Dalton, Nightingale-Bamford, Packer Collegiate or Brooklyn Friends on the state Department of Health’s COVID-19 report card website.

Schools each charge over $ 50,000 a year in tuition fees, and their progressive programs have at times been controversial.

DOH regulations state that “schools and school districts must submit daily reports to the
department of all COVID-19 tests and positive test results. This applies to preschool, elementary, middle and secondary public and private schools, as well as all preschool programs identified by the

The website, which went live this week after being “down for maintenance” since school started, shows the number of students and staff in each school and how many positive test results were. recorded since September 13.

Many of the city’s elite private schools reported only a handful of positive results, according to the site. But there were 11 positive cases among students at Avenues School in Manhattan and 13, including two staff, at Chapin Girls’ School on the Upper East Side.

There is no information from Dalton, Nightingale-Bamford, Packer Collegiate, or Brooklyn Friends on the state Department of Health’s COVID-19 report card website.
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After The Post contacted Dalton School in Manhattan, a spokesperson said “the data has been submitted” but did not specify when.

Brett Topel, a spokesperson for Brooklyn Friends, said the school was having technical difficulties communicating the results online and the DOH was aware of the issues. Four students tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, he said, the first of those results since the start of the school year, and they had been reported to the state.

A spokesperson for Nightingale-Bamford in Manhattan also blamed the technical issues and said the school had submitted test results – which showed a student and teacher positive for COVID-19 – via email to DOH.

COVID-19 test data from several of New York City's elite private schools is not yet public.
COVID-19 test data from several elite New York City private schools is not yet public.
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A representative for Packer Collegiate in Brooklyn did not immediately return a request for comment.

“The Department of Health continues to monitor COVID-19 in our schools and communities and will enforce the obligation for schools to report to the state,” DOH spokeswoman Abigail Barker said.


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