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saas labs: SaaS Labs secures $ 17 million in funding from Base 10 Partners, Eight Roads Ventures


SaaS Labs, a cloud-based platform that creates productivity and business process automation software for enterprises, has raised $ 17 million in Series A funding from Base 10 Partners and Eight Roads Ventures.

This is the first institutional fundraising by the bootstrap startup, which operates out of India and the Philippines.

The company will use the funds to expand its customer base, hire staff and launch new products and services, she said in a statement. The company is looking to double its team of 70 members by the end of the year.

“We have seen an unprecedented acceleration in cloud adoption by SMBs over the past 12 months. We will deploy this new capital in product development, R&D and talent recruitment globally, ”said Gaurav Sharma, Founder and CEO of SaaS Labs.

Founded in 2016, SaaS Labs develops products for sales, support and marketing teams as well as for contact centers to improve productivity.

“Call centers were traditionally custom on-premise solutions that required long implementation cycles and ongoing maintenance, with most inbound traffic being phone-based. Contact center software as a service (CCaaS) has opened the door to multiple forms of fast and efficient communication between businesses and their customers, ”the company said. “As a result, cloud-based contact centers are quickly becoming mainstream. ”


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SaaS Labs, through its Justcall product, enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to set up a cloud-based contact center for sales or support, in minutes. It has native integrations with over 70 other business tools.

Its other product, Helpwise, allows users to consolidate all communication flows into a single shared inbox, improving the quality and efficiency of customer support teams.

“For businesses in various industries, corporate communications are essential to deliver a strong customer experience, but remain a major challenge to be managed at scale for inbound and outbound communications. SaaS Lab’s modern and customizable communication system is particularly attractive for international sales and support calls that benefit from this customization, ”said Chris Zeoli, Director of Base10 Partners.

SaaS Labs has companies such as Divvy Homes, Ernst & Young, and Walmart on its client list.

“The rapid adoption of productivity-enhancing tools by businesses and the strong secular trends that are pushing contact centers to the cloud is emerging as a theme that we believe has enormous potential. SaaS Labs has grown significantly over the past few years and is well positioned to meet the needs of the SME segment as they increasingly seek cloud-based solutions, ”said Aditya Systla, Partner at Eight Roads Ventures .


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