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Samsung Gaming Hub boosts support to over 1,000 titles: Amazon Luna Addition to thank

Samsung’s game streaming service, the Samsung Gaming Hub, now expands its offerings to a total of over 1,000 games. The addition of new titles is entirely due to the addition of Amazon Luna.

Game streaming services are starting to get more attention

According to the story from XDA Developers, traditional games via consoles or PC will continue to dominate, but it looks like game streaming services have also started to find some positive momentum. These types of services provide players with another way to play video games at home or even on the go.

Samsung Gaming Hub was initially launched towards the end of June, and when it was released, it allowed owners of the Samsung Smart TV and Smart Monitor 2022 series to have instant access to a vast library of streaming games that already come from some of the world’s leading streaming games. services.

Addition of Amazon Luna gives gamers access to over a thousand games

An announcement has just been made regarding Samsung adding Amazon Luna to its Gaming Hub platform. This allows players to access more games within the service. Amazon Luna was initially only available to users located in the United States.

The service is said to offer different tiers, with the most affordable being $2.99 ​​per month and the most expensive being $17.99 per month. Some examples of available tiers include a retro tier, a family tier, and a tier that allows players to access Ubisoft.

How to Get Amazon Luna for Free

There is also another tier offered for free to Amazon Prime members. Each level offers a different list of games that players can try each month.

In the past, Samsung Gaming Hub partners have included heavyweights including Nvidia, Xbox, Google Stadia, and Utomik, along with others. Thanks to the optimization of the Samsung Tizen software, the Samsung Gaming Hub will provide really sharp graphics as well as quite solid performance.

Samsung Gaming Hub connects to controllers or your smartphone

The advantage of the Samsung Gaming Hub, as XDA Developers pointed out, is that gamers can still enjoy the service even if they don’t have a controller. For players who don’t have controllers, they have the option of using their smartphone instead.

Apart from controllers, the Samsung Gaming Hub would offer support for different external hardware. This means users will be able to pair their existing Amazon Luna controller to get the most out of the service.

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Samsung Gaming Hub includes support for streaming media via YouTube and Spotify

Gaming Hub users will be able to seamlessly connect their Amazon Luna controller or any other controller without experiencing any issues. The controllers will automatically connect each supported service, even without the need to pair them individually.

The Samsung Gaming Hub service will also provide support for media streaming with services such as YouTube and Spotify.

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