Financial assistance

Savanna-la-Mar primary school will receive significant financial support

Director of Education at the Department of Education and Youth, Dr Kasan Troupe (right) exchanges greetings with Dreams To Reality (DTR) Foundation (DTR) Chairman, Garold Hamilton (left) ahead of a ceremony signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the Foundation, Dequity Capital Management and Savanna-la-Mar Primary School for the adoption of the Westmoreland-based institution. National Education Trust (NET) Executive Director Latoya Harris looks on. The ceremony took place at the ministry in Kingston on Thursday 28 July. (Photo: Michael Sloley)

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Savanna-la-Mar Elementary School in Westmoreland is set to receive financial aid of US$10,000 per year for the next two years under the revised Adopt-A-School program directed by the National Education Trust (NET).

According to a statement, a memorandum of understanding to provide the support was signed by representatives of the Dreams to Reality Foundation (DTR), Dequity Capital Management and the school, during a ceremony held at the Ministry of Education and of Youth in Kingston Thursday, July 28th.

Acting Director of Education Dr Kasan Troupe hailed the partnership as a “gift that will continue to be given”.

“Education is a weapon that breaks the cycle of poverty and empowers people to transform their economic and social realities. You are not just reaching the people who will benefit directly, but those who will benefit [indirectly]“, she pointed out.

She then underlined that the education sector needs “everyone on deck”, to provide students with opportunities that will enrich their learning.

As part of the Adopt-A-School program, individuals and organizations are encouraged to identify schools in their geographic area that are in need of intervention. The objective is to promote partnerships for the development of the education sector.

NET’s executive director, Latoya Harris, said the Trust aims to connect “all those who have a genuine interest in the development of [students] with institutions all over the island”.

“It is important that we put our children first, and the way we [do it] is to provide them with resources and opportunities that they would not normally have,” she noted.

Savanna-la-Mar Elementary School Principal Megan Berry expressed her gratitude for the financial assistance.

“We dreamed of this relationship, and today it is a reality. I want to assure [everyone] that your benevolence will undoubtedly impact thousands of lives for years to come. Thank you for believing in us,” she said.