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Stage Audio Services / Tour-Tech Ltd brings first L-Acoustics K3 system to UK


As L-Acoustics Partner of the rental network, Tour-Tech / Stage audio services has a long affiliation with the famous speaker manufacturer. Dealing exclusively with the sound field as part of live production, Tour-Tech’s philosophy has always been to invest in the best equipment to ensure that their services exceed expectations – ever since they opened. their doors in 1984. This promise of excellence is underscored by an extensive inventory that includes a wide range of L-Acoustics loudspeakers – and this forward-thinking philosophy continues with its recent investment in a K3 system, the first to land in the UK.

K3, launched in October 2020, is the latest from the famous tourism benchmark K series. Designed to deliver powerful sound for mid-size events by providing full bandwidth without the need for a flying companion subwoofer, its highly efficient design reduces amplification requirements. According to Tour-Tech / SAS Kevin mobberley, these benefits meant that K3 would be a deeply usable tool and ultimately strengthened their commitment to invest in the new speaker.

Although, like most of the industry, the company‘s operations have been severely curtailed over the past 16 months, the management team has allowed a limited window of time to financially secure a new system. “We want to be ready when the big restart comes ”, Mobberley notes. “K3 matches a lot of criteria for us. We know we’re not the biggest company in this industry, but we have some really good customers, and K3 will tick a lot of the boxes for them. It’s great for big theater shows that don’t have the K2 capability, as well as small festivals, and I expect this to be an exceptionally busy system for us. The fact that it is very economical on the amplifier channels is also a big plus for us.

The addition of K3 is part of a larger investment in L-Acoustics products for Tour Tech / SAS. They received the last amplified controllers from the manufacturer, as well as a large stock of KS28 subs at the start of last year and invest more in the A-series constant curvature line source, with the delivery of A15 and A10 cabinets and P1 processors, arriving shortly.

While his inventory remains dormant due to ongoing restrictions, Mobberley says K3 will be rolling out for four or five festivals later in the summer – and he has several tentative bookings he knows K3 is perfectly suited for. “K3 is a great choice for arena shows, and it will be a good option for L-ISA Hyperreal sound configurations in arenas due to its lightness ”, Mobberley concludes. “We also have a commercial arm, Core Pro Audio, so we plan to use our K3 rental system as a demo system to help sell the product. In fact, we foresee so many uses for it; I am already thinking of buying more later in the year.

To learn more about UK-based L-Acoustics Certified Network Partner, TourTech / SAS, you can find them online here.

For commercial inquiries on L-Acoustics products or to arrange a demonstration of the new K3 system, please contact Core pro Audio at



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