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The median of the Congregational Church gets a makeover

The strip of grass south of Grant Congregational Church has been given a makeover through the efforts of Ashley Colglazier and the family of Dr. Cliff Colglazier.
The church was chosen as the site for the project because the basement has been a free meeting place for 4-H groups for almost a decade, starting with a Clover Kids group originally led by Ashley, now run by Jessica Bruns.
The planting includes natives like milkweed, ironweed, little blue stem, brown-eyed Susan, yellow coneflower, smooth penstemon, wild bergamot and blue wild indigo, all native and pollinator friendly , and drought resistant. Plans are to add more herbs from Hughes Farm (Ashley’s family) and native plants from local greenhouses.
“Space is a work in progress for sure,” Ashley said. “We need to find a better way to delineate it and hold the mulch in place as the brutal westerly wind whips around the corner of the church.”
The 4-H club plans to add some decorative touches in the form of stepping stones and learn more about pollinators, insects and animals that visit plants, thanks to guest speaker Heather Francis of the Natural Resources Conservation Service.
The original idea for the garden came from Francis.
“She offered wonderful technical assistance in selecting native prairie plants and suggestions on where to find them,” Ashley said.
The landscape fabric for the project was donated by URNRD.
Colglazier hopes that through the project, children will learn about landscaping as a way to promote natural habitat and attract pollinators, as well as give back to the community.