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The new Expert Council on International Government Data Transfers


The International Data Transfers Expert Council is a subgroup of the National Data Strategy Forum, which was launched in May and held its first meeting in June.

As part of our ambitious and growth-friendly national data strategy, the UK will work globally to remove unnecessary barriers to cross-border data flows. This brings countless benefits to the economy and to society. The free flow of data allows scientific researchers to better understand and diagnose rare genetic diseases; it ensures the safety of our money by allowing financial institutions to monitor and detect fraudulent activity in real time; and it stimulates UK businesses and consumers by providing cheaper digital services and opening up markets and supply chains abroad.

To achieve our ambitions, the government is seeking the brightest and best minds from around the world, with unique experience and expertise in this field, to become members of the International Council of Experts on Data Transfer.

The International Council of Experts on Data Transfers will be made up of 15 leading figures from academia, industry and civil society. Members will provide independent and expert advice, both technical and tactical in nature, that will enable the government to fulfill its mission of championing the international flow of data.

The International Data Transfers Expert Council will play a pivotal role in the government’s work to forge strategic data partnerships with key economies around the world.

Apply to become a member of the Expert Council

To apply to become a member of the Expert Council, please complete this application form. The deadline for applications is Sunday, September 12 at 11:59 p.m. BST.

Applicants will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to provide independent expert advice to the UK government on international data transfer policy
  • Relevant experience working in one or more of the following fields or sectors: data transfers, data protection, international data policy, digital technology, business, economic policy, law enforcement, national security, university, science, healthcare, finance or company
  • Relevant work experience or in-depth knowledge of specific countries (including the UK) and areas of strategic interest to the UK
  • Global spirit, intercultural understanding and experience working in international and diplomatic affairs

We will ensure that members are representative and diverse in terms of the sectors, geographies, perspectives and sources of expertise that are represented. DCMS is committed to equal opportunity and is committed to ensuring that we can better represent the views of the communities we serve. We especially encourage applicants from under-represented groups, those based outside London and the South East of England, and applicants who have been successful through non-traditional educational pathways.

Members will be required to attend and participate regularly in meetings, which are expected to be held approximately every two months. Members will also be required to sign non-disclosure agreements in case sensitive information is discussed.

Please note that members will be selected both from this open recruitment call, as well as by direct invitation from the Secretary of State for Digital (also based on the selection criteria listed above).


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