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Washtenaw County residents urged to self-report flood damage


WASHTENAW COUNTY, MI – Residents of Washtenaw County are urged to self-report flood damage they have suffered.

The county declared a state of emergency on Friday July 1.

Several days of heavy rainfall causing flooding in homes triggered a state of emergency as stormwater and sewage systems were submerged, causing damage to streets, sidewalks and other public infrastructure, according to a county press release.

Flood prompts Washtenaw County to declare state of emergency

Authorities should collect as much information as possible from residents self-reporting damage to their homes as a result of recent storms. County employees will use the information to prioritize areas for formal damage assessments as the county works with the state of Michigan to seek additional resources, according to an updated county statement.

Dozens of residents have been moved from their damaged homes and apartments, said David Halteman, director of emergency services for Washtenaw County.

A 17-unit apartment complex in Ypsilanti Township experienced flooding that displaced 23 adults and 19 children, Halteman said. At least four to six other homes also had to be evacuated, he said. All of the reported displaced people in the county have been connected to American Red Cross services, he said.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer declared a similar state of emergency in Detroit and Wayne County after the weekend flooding. Washtenaw County Board of Trustees chairperson Sue Shink called on Whitmer to do the same for Washtenaw County, including financial assets to clean up, remove and restore damaged property as well as provide temporary shelter, according to the communicated.

The county encourages those seeking financial assistance to report and document damage and to call 211 for non-emergencies. Individuals should call 911 for flood-related emergencies, the statement said.

In the immediate term, Washtenaw County officials are asking residents not to drive on roads with standing water or walk on damaged sidewalks. For safety tips or cleaning instructions, visit the Washtenaw County Health Department website at

Residents are encouraged to self-report damage to their home as a result of recent storms using this form:


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