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White House seeks $22.4 billion in funding for COVID-19, $3.9 billion in funding for monkeypox

The White House is expected to seek $22.4 billion in funding for the ongoing COVID-19 response effort and $3.9 billion for the monkeypox response effort in the form of emergency funding from the Congress, senior administration officials said Friday.

The updated COVID-19 funding request is intended to meet immediate short-term national needs, including testing, research and development of next-generation vaccines and therapies, according to the White House. It would also support the global response to COVID-19 and help prepare for future variants.

“Without additional funding, we will have to make tougher decisions,” a senior administration official said Friday.

The federal government on Friday suspended the program for sending free COVID-19 tests to Americans. Officials argued that a lack of funding had prevented them from adequately replenishing national stocks of home testing. They added that they had issued a warning in March, saying that without more funding they would miss critical needs.

Officials said Friday that while there are tests available in the stockpile, there isn’t enough funding to handle a surge in the fall. Vaccines will be free until 2023, but the timeline for bringing vaccines to market in the future had to be accelerated without funding.

The demand for monkeypox control is to help ensure rapid access to vaccinations, testing, treatment and operational support. It also includes $600 million to help fight the spread globally.

The request, made before the end of the fiscal year on September 30, asks Congress to address critical needs in the event of a short-term continuous resolution (CR) that lasts throughout the first quarter, which includes October, November and December. . .

“With one month left in the fiscal year, it is clear that Congress will first need to pass a Continuing Short-Term (CR) Resolution to keep the federal government going and allow time to reach agreement on funding for the full year bills,” Shalanda Young, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said in a blog post published Friday.

“That’s why today, as part of our careful planning for the end of the fiscal year, we are providing technical assistance to Congress on a near-term CR.”

The White House request also includes $13.7 billion to help Ukraine amid war with Russia and funding to respond to natural disasters in states like Kentucky, California, Louisiana, Texas. and others.